Data Revenue was founded by a team of pragmatic Data Scientists passionate about implementing real world Machine Learning solutions

We are specialists

Machine Learning is an increasingly complex field to navigate, with constant advances in technology and processing power. Our team’s sole focus is delivering high-performance Machine Learning supported systems.

We are hands-on

When we say custom solutions, we mean it; we work directly with your team, often in person, to integrate Machine Learning seamlessly into your infrastructure.

We are pragmatic

We are pragmatic hackers who not only have qualifications in Machine Learning and Mathematics, but industry experience building real-world solutions.

We are cutting edge

We are constantly keeping up with the latest research, have access to a wide variety of experts, keep an active network of industry professionals, and take part in international competitions to ensure we are at the forefront of technology advances in Machine Learning.

We take responsibility

We are not a company that provides you with a product and leaves the rest to you. At Data Revenue, we are here with you every step of the way to ensure that our solution exceeds your expectations in producing real results.

We work with Open Source

Machine Learning technology is advancing too fast for any one company to continue to provide the best tools. We believe in building custom solutions on the basis of the lastest, most powerful open source technology. This also gives you and your engineering team the benefits of absolute transparency and extensibility of the solutions we provide.

We manage the project for you

We have many years of experience managing software products and accurately understanding and framing business needs. This allows us to efficiently connect client needs with the technologies that fit best and to manage the entire project.

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