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Grow ecommerce sales with a product recommendation system

Boost conversion rates with a world-class recommendation system built on Amazon Personalize. We’ll handle the setup, training and integration to have you up and running within 30 days.


Cutting-edge product recommendations for high-traffic ecommerce businesses


Drive sales with recommendations that convert

Amazon’s machine learning algorithms combine historical site data with real-time browsing context to recommend the products each visitor is most likely to purchase.


Sell more without spending more

Boost revenue with targeted upsells, cross-sell and add-ons. Raise your average order value without investing more into traffic.


Bring customers back again and again

Email recommendations outperform on-site suggestions. Use Amazon Personalize to personalize your emails and notifications and get more value from every visitor.

Boost cross-sells, up-sells, add-ons & customer lifetime value with personalized recommendations

Use Amazon Personalize to serve high-converting:

  • Suggested items

  • In-cart recommendations

  • Personalized search results

  • Emails & notifications

Leverage Amazon’s experience to drive conversions at scale


Cutting-edge algorithms

Amazon Personalize gives advanced machine learning algorithms, with features like sequential modeling, that deliver results other recommenders can’t match.


Complete control

SaaS software and plug-ins give you zero transparency and little control. With your Personalize integration tuned to your needs you set your own priorities and control your software.


Transparency & reliability

Don’t entrust an important competitive advantage to some SaaS startup. With Personalize, you control your code and get the security of knowing you solution is here to stay.

We handle the heavy lifting

We’ll implement your Amazon Personalize recommender system from start to finish and fine-tune it to your needs. You’ll get access to all our code, so there are no black boxes or “top-secret” algorithms.

Strategic planning

We’ll design a project plan based on your input and goals. We’ve built complex recommender systems from scratch, so we know how to weigh the options.

Done-for-you implementation

Our engineers will export your data to AWS, setup your Personalize integration and configure it to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Fine-tuning & testing

We’ll customize the setup and train your algorithm to get the results you need. Then we’ll help you test and analyze production results.

Monitoring & optimization

Rely on us for monthly updates and troubleshooting. We’ll help you understand your recommendations and dig into anything that doesn’t seem right.

Amazon Personalize is the #1 machine learning recommender system on the planet.

Real-time event integration

What your users are doing right now will impact the suggestions that you serve next.

Advanced sequential modeling

Use the sequence of actions as a guiding indicator of what your visitors want to see next.

Self-learning systems

Your recommender system learns from past performance and self-optimizes to improve.

Deep learning algorithms

Get advanced algorithms by Amazon that go beyond simple rule-based decisions.

Context-based recommendations

Combine contextual factors, like location or demographics, with user activity for stronger predictions.

Done-for-you implementation

From importing data to training the algorithms to system integration, we'll handle everything.

Multi-application potential

Explore media applications beyond suggested content. Like smart search or targeted notifications.

We'll customize your recommender system to help turn your visitors into customers:

RTL Interactive -  “Data Revenue was a great fit.”

We helped Germany’s largest private television company implement a hybrid algorithm to provide device-specific content recommendations.

“As part of our four-screen strategy, we want to offer every user the best user experience with our content on all end devices. It was important to us that our partner already has already successfully implemented similar projects. Data Revenue was a great fit.”
Volker Stümpflen, Head of Data Strategy and Operations

Ladder.io  - “Data Revenue listened to our goals.”

We helped Ladder.io build a recommendation engine that suggested effective marketing strategies with 95% accuracy.

"Other vendors tried to sell us the dream. Data Revenue listened to our goals and provided model recommendations based on those goals. So big shout out to Data Revenue 🙂"
Michael Taylor, Co-Founder & COO


What is Amazon Personalize?

Amazon Personalize is a platform/service offered by Amazon to provide real-time personalized recommendations.

It's built the same machine learning technology used by Amazon.com. When implemented correctly, it helps you serve better product recommendations to increase sales, boost engagement and build trust with your customer base.

Who is Data Revenue?

We’re Europe’s most experienced provider of custom machine learning solutions.

We’ve completed over 35 end-to-end machine learning projects for over 20 leading companies, like Volkswagen, Scout24, RTL and more.

Do I need a customized recommendation system?

Absolutely. 30% of Amazon's page views are driven by recommendations and off-site recommendations (like email) multiply your personalization efforts to bring in even more revenue.

Even tiny increases in conversion and engagement will pay big rewards over time. Personalized recommendations make your customers feel like you “get” them. Once they learn you trust your suggestions, they’ll keep coming back for more.

But I already have recommendations. Why is this better?

The advanced algorithms developed by Amazon process clickstream data in real-time to understand both the sequence and context of user activity. That gives you more accurate recommendations than any rule-based system.

Amazon’s recommendation algorithms have been optimized to handle challenging situations, like new items or users that lack historical data (a problem known as “cold start”), where less sophisticated recommenders struggle.

Plus, the product recommendation engine is self-learning, so it incorporates the data from each new visitor to continually improve the quality of your recommendations.

Can anyone use Amazon Personalize?

Amazon Personalize is now available to all AWS customers. But you’re going to need help if you want to get results right away. We’ll handle all the setup, training and integration to get you started the right way with zero effort.

We're machine learning experts who have built multiple recommenders from the ground up, so you can trust us to get yours set up correctly and quickly. And to help monitor and measure your results.

How long will it take?

We can install and customize your Amazon Personalize recommender in 4 to 6 weeks..

Will I need to hire a developer?

No, we’ll handle everything—from syncing data to training models to integrating Personalize with your existing infrastructure. We’ll even help you track and assess your progress once the recommender goes into action.

Does my recommender learn from itself to get better over time?

Yes. We’ll train your recommender on historical data but your models will be automatically updated over time to continue to optimize your conversions.