Stay ahead of the competition with machine learning

Data Revenue provides made-for-you machine learning solutions to give you a competitive edge in the energy industry.

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Use data to maximize profits, reduce maintenance costs, and prevent grid failure


Give your research team analytical superpowers

Machine learning isn't a replacement for human reasoning. Instead, it automates analytical tasks to help your team make data-informed judgments faster.


Get innovative tools perfect for your team’s process

New tools don’t need to disrupt your workflow. Our team builds solutions that fit seamlessly into your processes to speed up discovery and shrink development timelines.


Invest in a partnership, not a platform

You won't solve complex challenges with pre-built tools. We work alongside you to develop one-of-a-kind solutions to your problem, building on your team's domain knowledge.

How can machine learning help your team?

Make maintenance proactive

Staying ahead of technical problems saves time and money. Machine learning can anticipate problems before they happen. And it gives you the ability to get into the field to fix them before it's too late.

Eliminate risk

Machine learning helps you better detect threats. Energy theft and hackers pose a huge risk to energy generators and providers. They cut into profits and open you up to privacy law violations Machine learning gives you the edge you need to stay safe and protect your assets. 

Increase profits

Your team can make better decisions faster. Machine learning gives you the ability to predict the price of both the raw goods needed for production and the cost of energy generation itself. This gives you the power to produce energy at a time when you can maximize your profits.

Improve customer service

Personalization means serving your customers better. Machine learning can help you better understand your customers' needs. It gives you the ability to know who's going to cancel their service. And it helps you make a highly targeted, personalized offer to keep them around.

Get results from machine learning in 6 months

Our process is designed to take you from idea to production software quickly with minimal risk or upfront investment.

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Duration: 1 day

Pick the right problem

And identify the solution


Duration: 4 weeks

Test the concept

Will it solve your problem?


Duration: 2-6 months

Integrate the solution

Get real-time performance


Duration: Ongoing

Learn. Scale. Grow.

Build your future with data

We can help you grow your energy business

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We'll customize your recommender system to hit your strategic goals:

RTL Interactive -  “Data Revenue was a great fit.”

We helped Germany’s largest private television company implement a hybrid algorithm to provide device-specific content recommendations.

“As part of our four-screen strategy, we want to offer every user the best user experience with our content on all end devices. It was important to us that our partner already has already successfully implemented similar projects. Data Revenue was a great fit.”
Volker Stümpflen, Head of Data Strategy and Operations
Volker Stümpflen, Head of Data Strategy and Operations  - “Data Revenue listened to our goals.”

We helped build a recommendation engine that suggested effective marketing strategies with 95% accuracy.

"Other vendors tried to sell us the dream. Data Revenue listened to our goals and provided model recommendations based on those goals. So big shout out to Data Revenue 🙂"
Michael Taylor,Co-Founder & COO
Michael Taylor, Co-Founder & COO

Solve your unique challenges faster with machine learning

Take advantage of our combination of machine learning experience (30+ projects completed) and knowledge of the energy industry to gain an edge over your competition.

We have the experience.

Our team of engineers, translational scientists, and product managers have solved complex problems for large web platforms (Scout2), energy grid providers (E.ON), the world's largest car manufacturers, and BioTech and Pharma teams.

You have our attention.

When you work with us, you always have our full attention – from engineers to the CEO. We only select projects and partners that challenge us. And we won't rest until the solution we develop solves the problem you set out to conquer.