Jumpstart your machine learning project

Put yourself on the fast-track to machine learning success with a one-day roadmapping session. Get expert guidance, find a winning strategy and build a detailed plan of action.

Learn more about Strategy Day:

Machine Learning Strategy Day with Data Revenue


Find the direct route to ROI

Your business sets the agenda. We’ll dig deep into your domain knowledge, processes and strategic goals. Only then can we find solutions that get the results you want.


Reduce risk and avoid common mistakes

Avoid simple missteps we see everyday, like starting a project without the right data or being dazzled by algorithms that “work” but don’t fix your most urgent problems.


Launch machine learning with confidence

We’ll compare all potential solutions based on risk, upside and required effort. And we’ll guide you toward the actionable plan that best fits your strategic goals.

What is a Strategy Day?

Our CEO and CTO come to your office for a full 6-8 hour intensive roadmapping session. We’ll ask a lot of questions. We’ll uncover your ambitions and shape them into practical use cases. And then we’ll work together to plan the best machine learning solution for achieving your goals.

Build your strategy

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

1. What does practical machine learning look like?
  • A “no-math” crash-course of how ML works in practice

  • Debunk common ML misconceptions

  • Learn how to qualify use cases (checklist)

2. Discover your goals and processes
  • What are your strategic goals and current projects?

  • What have you tried already and what did you learn?

  • What are the most important data-driven processes?

3. Identify potential use cases 
  • What would an ideal solution look like for each case?

  • Do you have the data you need?

  • What have others done in similar cases?

4. Compare the effort, risk and reward of each case
  • Which use cases have the best chance of success?

  • What risks exist? Can you mitigate those risks today?

  • What does a project plan look like for each viable

Walk away with a step-by-step action plan:

Directly after the meeting, you’ll receive an actionable report that details the meeting and all of our findings for each use case:

  • An assessment of risk/certainty

  • A comparison of the upside potential

  • The relative effort and time required

You’ll also get our recommended plan of action based on your strategic goals:

  • A detailed development plan with milestones and timeline

  • A fixed-price quote for end-to-end development and implementation

Strategy day FAQ:

Can we really create a winning machine learning strategy in a day?

Absolutely. We’ve executed 1-day roadmapping sessions with over 25 different clients, and 90% of them chose to work with us on their production solution.

We’ll learn about your business over a video call and prepare for your meeting in advance. We’ve done this a lot, so we know which questions to ask to zoom in on promising use cases quickly. And because all the right people are in the room, we can clarify details in real-time and move forward quickly.

Who attends the Strategy Day?

We’ll be bringing Markus Schmitt (CEO) and Alan Hong (CTO / ML Engineer). Between the two of us, we have the in-depth technical skill, academic knowledge, analysis and hands-on experience to identify and validate innovative solutions to your biggest problems.

You should bring someone with extensive domain knowledge and high-level awareness of the product and company priorities— like your CIO or a Product Manager. Also, someone familiar with your data — like a data engineer.

Do I have enough data for machine learning? Do I have the right data?

During our pre-meeting calls, we’ll ask about your data sets in detail. That way, we can confirm that a Strategy Day even makes sense based on your data and goals.

In the case that we discover during the Strategy Day that your data can’t do what you want, we’ll tell you. That way, you won’t waste months of time chasing a solution that isn’t going to return value.

What if I already have a high-level understanding of ML?

Your strategy day is customized to your needs— the agenda is just a guide.

So, if you already know the problem you want to solve— maybe you’re even bringing your in-house data science team— then we will go deeper. We can breeze past the early steps and get right into discussing your use case, different approaches to specific challenges, technical and algorithmic details, and reference solutions..

Why is a Strategy Day important?

The Strategy Day is essential to our effectiveness as a machine learning team. It gives us the insight into your business processes, goals and data that we need to develop solutions that produce results.

This face-to-face session is crucial to building the mutual trust that we’ll need to carry a months-long project through to success. It also helps us eliminate risks, avoid overlooking the best ideas and be 100% sure that the project aligns with your strategic goals.

Do you have any references I can speak with?

Absolutely.  Many of our past clients would be glad to tell you about their experience with Data Revenue— both our roadmapping strategy day and the overall machine learning experience.

Contact us to get list of references