Accelerate medical research with machine learning

Data Revenue develops custom machine learning solutions for the unique problems of biomedical and pharmaceutical research teams.

Turn your ideas into production applications:

Find new drugs faster, build better trials or diagnose rare diseases, with data.


Give your research team analytical superpowers

Machine learning isn't a replacement for human reasoning. Instead, it automates analytical tasks to help your team make data-informed judgments weeks, months, or years faster.


Get innovative tools that fit your team’s process

New tools don’t need to disrupt your workflow. Our team builds solutions that fit seamlessly into your processes to speed up discovery and shrink development timelines.


Invest in a partnership, not a platform

You won't solve complex challenges with pre-built tools. We work alongside you to develop one-of-a-kind solutions to your problem, building on the domain knowledge of your team.

We’re passionate about solving tough problems

Our hyper-focused team is inspired by the hard stuff— one-of-a-kind challenges, large data sets, too-small data sets, and complex domains. We work side-by-side with you to build an ML solution that’s tailored to your business and driven by your expertise.

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How can machine learning help your team?

Drug Discovery:

Go faster from target to hit to lead.

We can build tools to help you accelerate hit discovery, move from hit to lead faster and optimize leads. To help you find promising new molecules, move to trial faster and get to market in record time.

Clinical Trials:

Design better studies.

Machine learning techniques can help your research team build more successful clinical trials. Analyse billions of data points to discover ideal trial protocols. And optimize patient recruitment to boost your chances of conclusive results. 

Disease Diagnosis:

Build more powerful diagnostic processes.

Automate the analysis of proteomic, metabolomic and genomic data to turn weeks of analysis into minutes of computation. Identify biomarkers quicker and develop automated diagnostic solutions based on patterns you can’t see with traditional tools.

Medical Image Analysis:

Detect disease quickly and accurately.

Algorithms can be trained on millions of medical images to learn the specific characteristics of a disease. Develop solutions that assist in early and accurate diagnosis to increase the chances of successful treatment.

Get results from machine learning in 6 months

Our process is designed to take you from idea to production software quickly with minimal risk or upfront investment.

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Duration: 1 day

Pick the right problem

And identify the solution


Duration: 4 weeks

Test the concept

Will it solve your problem?


Duration: 2-6 months

Integrate the solution

Get real-time performance


Duration: Ongoing

Learn. Scale. Grow.

Build your future with data

We build custom machine learning solutions to solve unique biomedical challenges

Our combination of machine learning experience (30+ projects completed) and knowledge of biomedical research techniques puts us in a unique position to create working ML solutions quickly.

We have the experience.

Our team of engineers, translational scientists and product managers have solved complex problems for large web platforms (like Scout24), energy grid providers (like E.ON), the world's largest car manufacturers (Daimler & VW), and BioTech and Pharma teams.

You have our attention.

When you work with us, you always have our full attention—from engineers to the CEO. We only select projects and partners that challenge us. And we won't rest until the solution we develop solves the problem you set out to conquer.