Show your users what they want to see

Machine learning recommender systems help media leaders like Netflix, Amazon and Facebook predict user behavior to get world-class engagement rates. Boost your performance with a customized recommender tuned to your unique business.


Grow revenue with real-time content recommendations


Engage your audience

Suggest the perfect content for each visitor, based on their behavior and historical data. Boost clicks, video view rates and other critical KPIs.


Personalize their experience

You’re battling for your users’ attention at every moment, on every device. Deliver a personalized experience that keeps them on your site longer.


Grow subscriptions & revenue

Whether you're subscription-based or ad-driven, we'll fine-tune your recommendation engine to target the metrics that drive your bottom-line.

Build a world-class recommendation engine


Control your recommendations

We’ll build your recommender on Amazon Personalize, which lets you choose from the most advanced algorithms and optimize the setup to accomplish your strategic goals.


Customize to your specs

Don’t trust your future to a SaaS startup or black-box solution. Instead, Personalize gives you access to all of your code so you can customize the installation for your business.


Invest in trust and stability

Personalize is created by Amazon and trusted by top companies around the globe. So you can rest easy, knowing you’re building on a battle-tested platform that’s here to stay.


Get a flexible & scalable solution

Our recommender solutions are infinitely scalable, and we can help you adapt it to new products, platforms or markets quickly, without starting from scratch.

Get superior recommendations in just 4 weeks

We'll handle the details:

Expert strategic consulting

We’ll analyze your needs together and design a clear project plan to achieve your strategic goals.

Goal-driven design

You can count on our experience. We’ll build your recommender on schedule to help you get results quickly.

Seamless integration

Our ML engineers help integrate your data with AWS and then plug your recommendation engine directly into your existing workflow.

Fine-tuning & optimisation

We’ll customize the setup and fine-tune your algorithm to get the results you need. Your models will update and learn automatically over time.

Scaling & growth

We’re here to support you. We’ll monitor performance, suggest improvements and help you when it’s time to scale or expand.

We’ll customize your recommender system to hit your strategic goals.

RTL Interactive -  “Data Revenue was a great fit.”

We helped Germany’s largest private television company implement a hybrid algorithm to provide device-specific content recommendations.

“As part of our four-screen strategy, we want to offer every user the best user experience with our content on all end devices. It was important to us that our partner already has already successfully implemented similar projects. Data Revenue was a great fit.”
Volker Stümpflen, Head of Data Strategy and Operations  - “Data Revenue listened to our goals.”

We helped build a recommendation engine that suggested effective marketing strategies with 95% accuracy.

"Other vendors tried to sell us the dream. Data Revenue listened to our goals and provided model recommendations based on those goals. So big shout out to Data Revenue 🙂"
Michael Taylor, Co-Founder & COO


Who is Data Revenue?

We’re a highly-experienced team of machine learning engineers and data scientists that designs, builds and integrates custom ML solutions.

We’ve completed over 35 end-to-end machine learning projects for over 20 leading companies, making us one of the most experienced ML firms in Europe.

Why do I need my own recommender rather using a prepackaged solution?

Prebuilt or SaaS platform recommenders are inflexible and disrupt your workflow, rather than fitting the way you work. They’re often designed to address specific use cases and can’t easily be adjusted to fit your real-world priorities.

Pre-built solutions are generally a “black box,” giving you no visibility to their code or how it works. So, if they go out of business or stop updating the software, you’re back at square one looking for a new provider.

The custom solution we build is tuned to your company goals. And it’s yours to keep. You get the code. So any ML engineer could come in, understand your solution and make changes to it. Plus, it’s built on Amazon Personalize, you can trust that the software will be supported for a long time to come.

Can’t anyone use Amazon Personalize? Why do I need you?

Amazon Personalize is now available to all AWS customers. But if your team has never built a recommender before, you’re going to need help. Our team has built multiple recommenders for major media companies with complex needs, so you can trust us to get yours set up correctly and quickly.

How long will it take to build a custom recommendation system?

We can build and install a custom recommender, fine-tuned to your specific needs, in about one month.

Will I need to hire a developer to implement the recommender?

No, we handle everything from building to adjusting to implementing your solution with your existing infrastructure. We’ll even help you track and assess your progress once the recommender goes into action.

Does my recommender learn from itself to get better over time?

Yes. We’ll train your recommender on historical data but your models will be automatically updated over time to continue to optimize the experience for your users.