RTL Interactive

Recommend the right movies

RTL wanted to build up more machine learning competencies in-house and operate core technologies themselves. We developed an end-to-end solution for the team that implements a hybrid recommendation algorithm.

As part of our four-screen strategy, we want to offer every user the best user experience with our content on all end devices. Intelligent data-driven processes are a key element of this strategy. It was important to us that our partner already has a track record in a similar area and has already successfully implemented similar projects. Data Revenue was a great fit. I enjoy working with smaller companies because we can implement our topics very quickly and in a pragmatic way with them

Volker Stümpflen


Head of Data Strategy and Operations

Tools we used

One stop for compute infrastructure.
Leaves Spark in the dust.
Portable, flexible and simple deployments.
Faster, more efficient and agile infrastructure.
For managing all tasks in an execution graph – like Airflow.
Great for exploration and feature engineering.
Our main development language.
Hybrid recommender tool.