Scoring AI

Find the right people for each campaign, without building more rules or models.

The AI based scoring solution that makes daily ad and email campaigns more profitable for big websites.


Factor in everything your users ever did

Most scorings only use fraction of each users activity, with manual rules, RFM or simple statistical methods. Scoring AI takes every pageview and purchase of a user from the last 9 months into account to determine how likely he will convert on your campaign.

“Scoring AI showed us the power of data – if you make the effort to analyze and evaluate all the information you’re collecting, you can make a big leap forward in your business strategy as well as boosting your revenue.”

No matter how big your datasets are

Scoring AI can process more than 10 Billion user events in 30 minutes and scores more than 40 Mio daily active users for some clients. Specifically developed tools allow Scoring AI to use the most cutting-edge Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms on data of almost any size.

Go live in a few weeks not many months

A set of tools and a well trained process make sure your Scoring AI is setup in less than 2 months from raw data to an A/B validated live solution.

Always know your Scorings ROI

You’ll only work with us if we are confident we can provide a high ROI. So far our average is 9X: 9 € for each 1 € spent. Through a monthly report and automatic A/B testing you always have absolute transparency on your Scorings performance.

Future-Proof - You always benefit from the most recent research

We spent a minimum of 30% of our time fielding new approaches to improve Scoring AIs performance. Our R&D team continually stays up-to-date with the research advances in time-to-event prediction and webdata analytics. We built a performance testing framework to guarantee that a change leads to an improvement and update your Scoring in the background whenever we find one.

You don’t need to worry about the details

“Having an external partner who took an active role in every step of the process made all the difference. In the end, IS24 not only got the scoring solution they needed; we also found an AI partner we can trust.”

Scoring AI is fully customized to your business. There is no way to get the most out of your user data with an off-the-shelf solution. That’s why every Scoring AI is hand-tuned to your specific datasets and business.

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