Smart Decisions without the Headache

Your business revenue depends on excellent data, but your predictions are only as good as your tools. Sure, your data-driven process is working for now, but you wonder if there’s a better way to ensure solid, continuous growth.

You’ve heard that machine learning can help you make smart decisions without hiring more staff or writing more code. But where do you start? It’s hip to hire data scientists, but paying a six-figure salary for an academic to “explore the possibilities” sounds risky. Your clients, management, and investors all want to see the AI story come to life. But where’s the roadmap?

Everyone and their PhD has another expert opinion. You need someone who can just build it.

Presenting MVP AI, a reliable, battle-tested development strategy that gets your AI on the road in two months or less.

Drop the Hype and Get Results

You already know how important your data is, but there’s just so much of it! How can you make sure you’re getting the most out of the data you’re already collecting? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by big data, so it might seem like a good idea to pin your hopes on an academic. But researching your way to a solution is frustrating, expensive, and extremely risky. Why reinvent the wheel?

Machine learning can be a fantastic way to generate additional revenue from the data you already have, but you need to have a data-driven company culture to be ready to reap the benefits. So how do you know if MVP AI is right for you?

MVP AI optimizes what you’re already doing, so you need to have a concrete use case and a clear definition of what you are trying to predict. Once you’ve identified that, machine learning finds implicit patterns in your data – all that hidden information the human brain just can’t handle – to predict the target variable you defined. But you know your data better than anyone. Go with your gut feeling: if you think there aren’t many patterns buried in the data, then there probably aren’t. In that case, machine learning won’t bring the kind of results you’re hoping for. And you need a minimum of one in-house developer to make sure all that optimized data gets where it needs to be. If you have all those things in place, then machine learning can dramatically improve your business.

When it comes to results, there’s no substitute for experience and excellent engineering. With MVP AI, you’ll get a cutting-edge solution within just two months.

We know what you’re thinking…

I already have my own engineers and IT team. Why should I hire Data Revenue?

Sure, you could try to tackle the AI with your own engineers. It’s fun to experiment, but it’s risky too. And there are always the big questions: What exactly can you do with the data you have? How do you make the most of it? What algorithm works best? How do you judge the performance? And how do you avoid making expensive, time-consuming changes to your workflows?

Very few people understand those challenges as intimately as we do, across as many industries as we do. Since launching MVP AI in 2015, we’ve integrated dozens of high-performance AI’s seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Our expert team and our solid processes help you avoid all those first-timer mistakes.

Who will maintain this?

Outsourcing is so often broken. Nobody wants to maintain code that’s haphazardly written by a team with different standards and different tech. We do it differently. MVP AI comes in two models so you can choose the one that works for you:

  1. We offer a fully managed microservice. We build and implement the AI behind a simple API, and your team integrates it into your current system. We are completely responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance.
  2. We develop custom code to your team’s precise specifications. This package includes documentation and unlimited licensing. We will even train your team and be available to answer questions long term.

How does this work in practice?

First, we make sure we understand your business and data in detail so we can identify your highest value and most realistic AI use case. Once this is established, we work with your team to define and export the dataset we need. Then we check different approaches, find the one that works best, and build an offline prototype. We check whether the results are in line with your expectations before proceeding to production. This stage takes 2-3 weeks.

Once we have the AI ready for production, we train it on all the data you have and host it on our servers. We A/B test it against your current process, validate the performance together, and give you a detailed performance report to quantify the value of using MVP AI (because we all know that’s what the managers want to see). This second stage takes 4-5 weeks.

Finally, we make sure your AI stays accurate. We monitor its performance and periodically retrain it with new data. Or we can hand it over to your team and train them with everything they need to know to take it from there. You decide.

None of this will interfere with your team’s day-to-day business. We work hard to make sure every interaction with your engineering team is simple and streamlined.

Who does all this for you?

We are Data Revenue, a team of four AI software developers in Berlin, Germany. We have degrees in mathematics and machine learning, but more importantly, we have a lot of experience building real-world AI applications. We’ve built production machine learning systems in the terabytes for clients such as ImmobilienScout24, Nu3, and Holtzbrinck Digital.

What’s all this going to cost?

We all know AI isn’t cheap. Building a basic AI in-house requires € 200,000-500,000 in salaries alone. And it takes an average of 18 months to finish, not including training and recruitment. And even then, more than half of big data projects fail.

We’ll have your AI up and running in two months, for less than 10% of that cost. And 87% of all our AI projects are clear success stories.

In fact, we’re so confident in the benefits of MVP AI that we guarantee a payback period of less than 12 months.

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