AI Use Cases

AI in Medicine

AI for Diagnostics, Drug Development, Treatment Personalisation, and Gene Editing

Machine Learning for Marketing

What are the best applications of AI in marketing in 2018?

Machine Learning for Trading

How AI helps traders make better decisions & improve high-frequency trading

Machine Learning in Finance

How AI is used for trading, fraud detection, insurance & personalised banking

Vertical Lung Scan
Lung Cancer Detection

Reduce False Positives in Lung Cancer Assessments

Email Targeting

Email only users who are ready to buy

Most Important Features In Coupon Uplift Prediction
Offer Targeting

How to avoid Coupon Hunters by predicting the long-term impact of offers on each shopper

Fraudulent Clicks by IP
Prevent Mobile Click Fraud

IP Flagging not enough? Try AI-based fraud detection.

AI for Real Estate Portals
AI for Real Estate Portals

Which AI-supported processes will be taken for granted in ten years?

Predictive Targeting (Video)
Predictive Targeting (Video)

Double Your Conversion Rates