NOAH Conference Attendee Analysis

Who's going? Is the conference growing? And what's the attendee churn?


Churn and Return Rate from 2017 to 2018 for NOAH Conference Berlin

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is based on publicly available attendee data, published on the NOAH website. There might be errors in the source data, which would also affect the analysis.

NOAH Berlin is growing, while London is getting smaller

NOAH Berlin had a setback in 2017 but was growing strong again this year.

Attendees Berlin

NOAH London, however, has seen a decline in the number of attendees since 2013.

Attendees London

High Churn Rates

Most of the attendees each year are visiting for the first time!

First Time Attendees Berlin

The Churn Rate from year to year is pretty constant: around 75%

Churn and Return

It seems that most people go to exactly one NOAH conference:

Total NOAH Events

Consumer Internet & Investors dominate

True to expectations, most attendees come from Consumer Internet and Investment Firms.

Attendee Company Type 2018

Most attendees are CEOs

The most frequent job description is CEO or equivalent.

Attendee by Position 2018

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