AI Knowledge & Data Analysis

Haniel 60 Minutes – Mythos künstliche Intelligenz

Machine Learning Project Workflow
The Machine Learning Workflow

What's different about machine learning projects? How do you reduce risks and build a good solution quickly?

How to Build Production Ready ReCo Engines

How to deal with unseen data, optimise response times, and update models frequently.

Scaling Machine Learning Pipelines

How to parallelize and distribute your Python machine learning pipelines with Luigi, Docker, and Kubernetes

Everything A CEO Needs To Know About AI

How AI works. What you can do with it. And how to get started.

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

They are not the same – but are often used interchangeably

Number of Trips vs. Avg. Temperature
Analysing Nomad List Travel Logs

Trending Cities, Trending Climates, and Trip Counts

Churn and Return Rate from 2017 to 2018 for NOAH Conference Berlin
NOAH Attendee Analysis

Who's going? Is the conference growing? And what's the attendee churn?

Building a City Recommender 🔨 for Nomads ✈️

Part 1: From Zero to First Recommendations

Best Cities to Live In

When should you live where? When is a city's best season?

How We Find AI Use Cases

Our process is based on helping > 50 businesses decide what to do with AI

The 4 Success Factors of any AI Project

How to make sure your project stays on track

The 3 Basics of AI (No Math)

What you need to know about AI

Can I Machine Learn It? (video)

Writing only to users who show engagement on the site improves conversion rates dramatically.