What can you learn from Nomad List Travel Logs?

Trending Cities, Trending Climates, and Trip Counts

had a quick look at Nomad List data to see:

  • Which cities are trending amongst Nomads?
  • Which cities are losing steam the fastest?
  • Do experienced Nomads travel to different places than beginners?

Here’s what I found:

The Big 4: Bangkok, London, New York, and Chiang Mai

The most popular cities are not really a suprise:

Top Trending 4: Dallas, Lisbon, Silema, and Lima

If you look at changes in popularity (from 2016 to 2017), which cities are trending? And which are untrending?

Top Trending Cities
  1. Dallas
  2. Lisbon
  3. Silema (Malta)
  4. Lima

If you compare 2016 to 2018, you have a bias towards popular winter destinations, and the top trending are then: Canggu, Mexico City, and Cape Town

Falling from grace: Istanbul, Ko Pha Ngan, SF, and Ubud

  1. Jeju Island (South Korea)
  2. Istanbul
  3. Ko Pha Ngan
  4. Beijing
  5. Denpasar

Nomads prefer it warm… but not too warm

Most Nomads prefer a warm climate. The peak is somewhere around 23°C.

Looking at the data another way, I get a very different result! If you look at all individual trips, the most popular temperatures are much warmer.

Let’s look into that more closely.

Virgins like it hot, PowerNomads not

It turns out that:

  • Virgins and Dabblers choose hot temperatures (30°C +)
  • PowerNomads choose more temperate climates (around 23°C)

Or at least on average they do.

This could be because of selection bias: Users who record a lot of trips also record trips to cooler places (e.g., their home city), wheras Nomads with few trips only recorded their “time away”. You can speculate.

Most Nomads have < 5 trips

The number of trips varies widely. If you look at the 2,488 Nomads who have taken at least one trip, you’ll find:

  • VirginNomads: 1 trip, ~ 20%
  • Dabblers: <= 5 trips, ~ 50%
  • PowerNomads: > 50 trips, ~ 6.5%

The Virgins are so dominant, it’s hard to see the tail. Log scaled, the data looks like this:

Want to learn more? We’re also playing around with building a city recommender for Nomads.

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